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T-minus 4 days…

Would you look at that, 6 and a half weeks is almost up and it’s safe to say that I am absolutely bricking it for next week!!! The summer holidays has flown past, whether that has been because I’ve had to work pretty much full-time alongside preparing my classroom and planning lessons – or just because the summer always flies by, I’m not sure. Can’t we just have another 2 weeks?? I am absolutely bricking it.

My classroom is almost finished… I think. It probably isn’t anywhere near ready in all honesty – I’ve still got loads of resources to prepare. Throughout my training year my mentors have always told me to use this year to prepare resources in bulk because “you’ll just never have the time” and oh boy do I wish I’d listened and started earlier because at this rate the poor little babies are going to be imagining things and making their own resources – they haven’t even got names on their pegs yet! Still absolutely bricking it.

I’ve gotten to that point on my to-do list now where alllllll of the jobs are those little, ity-bity, pain in the neck ones that I’ve purposefully left until then end – problem being there’s about 29 of them left to do. Today I spent 4 hours doing little bits and bobs that needing doing, to then discover that there wasn’t a single thing I could cross off my to-do list – and if that isn’t enough to make you want to cry then I’m not sure what is! Again, bricking it.

I suddenly feel like I’ve forgotten everything – not even just teacher things but simple things like 1 + 1 =… Christ. I mean I’m genuinely concerned at this point as to whether this first half term (7 loooooooong weeks) may actually be enough to kill me straight off. I do feel reassured however, there are 2 other NQT’s at my school this year – they seem to be running around like headless chickens too, so it’s not just me (phew! But still bricking it)

All in all, I’ve got two displays that are still empty. And when I say they’re empty – they literally have backing paper and a boarder on. I don’t know where I’m going to find the time on the two INSET days as I’m pretty much in training during every possible second and then BOOM, the children arrive on Thursday!!!!!!!! Have I mentioned that I’m bricking it?

English – Planned
Maths – Half planned
Topic – Half planned
Music – Not planned
Computing – Planned
Handwriting – Not planned
PSHE – Planned
PE – Not planned
Phonics – Not planned

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally need to get a move on, I mean don’t get me wrong, some subjects like Music and Computing will already be planned so I guess I can cross those off… B r i c k i n g i t

Today I went in with reinforcements and we sat and sorted through the book corner – oh my goodness. It looks lovely – now. So I feel like that was the biggest pain in the arse job to do, the rest of the jobs are just housekeeping things that I want to do. Benefitting me more over the children. h e l p m e.

At the end of the day I’m never going to be completely, 100% ready for my first day – I’m hoping that the 2 INSET days are going to prepare me more than I am at the moment… We’ll see.


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