A bit of background info…


I have just qualified as a Primary School Teacher and I’ll be starting my first teaching job as a year 1 teacher in August! (eeeeeek!!!!!!) After my year of teacher training I noticed that the public conception of being ‘just a teacher’ is absolutely nothing compared to what it actually is.

I’m sure there are jobs out there that are more difficult, challenging and demanding, so please don’t read this as if I’m saying that teaching is the most difficult job – that isn’t what I’m saying at all.

I’ve made this blog as an insight for those interested in going into teaching. For my fellow NQTs, RQTs and experienced teachers to see that they aren’t in this alone, and for those that are either nosey or intrigued about what being a teacher really entails, but this is mainly a safe place for me to vent my thoughts, feelings and emotions and somewhere record my entire journey as an NQT (the highs and the lows).

The majority of the posts on here will just be my experiences, a way for me to process what has actually happened, how it made me felt, how I could have changed or avoided a situation.

I hope you find what you’re looking for in this blog – whatever that may be! Feel free to leave comments on the situation, what you would’ve done, if you’ve been in the same situation etc!

I am very much looking forward to starting my journey teaching 28 beautiful little year 1 children. However, the thought of being responsible for that many lives really does make me feel Nervous, Queasy and Terrified.

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